How To File Your Prior Year Returns ... The Smart Way


Learn what items are needed to file your old returns ... and how to get those records, AND how to get those items that are missing 


Discover how far back you have to file in order to be compliant with your tax filings


Find out why dealing with tax debt may be easier than you think

What You'll Find In The Guide

No One Likes Getting Those Dreaded Tax Notices 

The IRS has sent out thousands of letters in recent weeks to unsuspecting taxpayers ... many of which are aimed at people who are behind in filing their tax returns. The IRS is actively targeting these Non-Filers.

Why Getting In Compliance is So Important

You need to be in compliance before you can negotiate any payment arrangement with the IRS.  This means you'll have to file those old returns as a key & primary step to getting in compliance.

Don't Worry About The Debt

The IRS is typically open to making arrangements for paying off your tax debt.  But they will not consider or entertain any such arrangement until your account is in compliance  ... including having the required prior year tax returns submitted and filed.. 


"I'm so glad I was finally able to get up to date with my tax filings, and stop those annoying letters.  What a relief!" 


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Start your journey to compliance. 

Get the IRS off your back .

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